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Who We Are

Intelligent Output Systems is an integrated technology solution provider with a footprint in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and East London. The business is committed to providing clients with quality IT infrastructure, Software Solutions and Automation Technologies. By combining effective and tested methods with new and ever-changing technologies, Intelligent Output Systems is always up to date with the latest options available to clients and develops integrated solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every client.

Our  Services

IO Systems - Desktop & Laptop Support

Desktop & Laptop Support

Qualified IT Engineers will keep your IT infrastructure running optimally and securely. We offer our service on a per call-out basis or on SLA terms.

io systems - datacenter services

Datacenter Services

Our Engineers are certified and capable of designing and implementing datacenter infrastructure. We specialize in hyperconverged solutions and the management of such solutions.

io systems website apps

Web Apps

Intelligent Output Systems builds custom web applications. We specialize in Open Source technologies and have created an efficient set of tools and processes that allows us to build enterprise-grade solutions quickly. There’s a big difference between code that mostly works and code that is maintainable, secure, handles stress, is easy to understand, and can evolve with your business.

io systems - mobile apps developemt - ios & android

Mobile Apps - IOS & Android

Mobile applications are great for engaging existing or new target markets. It can also be a powerful organizational tool. We develop Android and Apple iOS compatible applications. You give us your requirements, and we will take care of the rest.

io systems - biometric systems - finger print recognition - iris recognition

Biometric Systems

Biometric staff control is the management of staff attendance and movement by means of biometric information. Biometric information includes fingerprint and retinal profiles, both of which are unique to a person. Biometric staff control systems are more reliable and accurate than clock-cards and RFID access cards. No two people have the same fingerprint or retinal profile, thus eliminating staff using one another’s clock-cards or RFID access cards.

io systems - websites hosting design and development


We believe in unique. We do not believe in using templates. Your business deserves a unique website design which incorporates your branding strategy. It is also important to keep your website current. Our websites are easily updated – in fact, we will even train you to do it. This will put you in control of having an up to date website.

io systems - rfid systems

RFID Systems

Intelligent Output Systems specializes in the development and application of RFID solutions. We provide the RFID hardware, which include the tags and scanners (handheld or fixed), installation and the RFID asset management software. The RFID management software is completely customizable, thus offering our clients a robust and operation-specific solution.

io systems - intelligent cctv systems

Intelligent CCTV Systems

Keep your critical areas safe with a modern CCTV system. We install and configure CCTV Systems that sends automated alerts, you can view your premises off site via mobile application and even load unwanted person profiles. Only industry-leading technology is used in our deployments, ensuring that our clients get the best possible security solutions. We also offer service and maintenance support on new or existing infrastructure.

Our  Team

io systems - meet our team

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