iBOS Platform

The iBOS platform is a market-ready Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which aims to transform the management of operational resources and service delivery points.

Mobile App – Android & iOS

  • Allocation push notifications
  • API available for easy integration
  • Automated Document Workflow
  • Customizable
  • Optimised Routing
  • Response Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Secure Login with 2FA
  • Secure on-device signatures
  • Service Delivery in the Digital Age
  • Service requests
  • Support integrations with IIOT Edge Devices
  • Supports barcode and QR asset linking

Management Portal

The iBOS platform offers a powerful management portal that reports key metrics in realtime.

  • Access client reports in real-time
  • Access HR utilization reports in real-time
  • Access job & project reports in real-time
  • Manage and report on asset lifecycles
  • Real-time GIS enabled
  • Real-time monitoring of IIOT Edge devices
  • Health & safety, job cards, delivery notes available in real-time
  • Track Service Agents in real-time, including GPS reporting
  • Trigger automated document workflows

Get rid of paper based systems

The Service Agent will no longer require any manual or paper-based tools to complete the service request. The entire service request will be actioned using the iBOS mobile application.